Transforming Luxury: A Buckhead Masterpiece – Yanover Construction’s Atlanta Renovation Project

In the heart of Atlanta, GA, Buckhead, a remarkable transformation unfolded. Yanover Construction, renowned for its dedication to quality, undertook a full interior renovation that would leave a lasting mark on this upscale residence.

Master Shower Magic

The Buckhead renovation began with a compartmentalized master shower. The Yanover Construction team decided to open up this space. The result? A luxurious wet room where a tub and shower coexist harmoniously.

To enhance the sense of openness and flow, a pocket door was added to the walk-in closet, creating a more expansive environment. The selection of high-end marble tile highlighted Yanover Construction’s commitment to paying attention to every detail.

No renovation journey is without its share of challenges. Despite the initial plan for a curbless shower experience and a sleek linear drain, complications arose. The existing open web joists proved to be stubborn obstacles. Their intricate structure and the difficulty of replacement were difficult hurdles. Nevertheless, Yanover Construction being an expert licensed general contractor that has served the city of Atlanta, GA for many years was able to push forward and the renovated master shower now radiates elegance.

A Grand Transformation in the Kitchen, Living Room, and Dining Room

The next stop on this renovation adventure was the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Here, the Yanover Construction team aimed to create a modern, open-concept space that would redefine luxury living.

Walls were removed to achieve the desired sense of spaciousness. Yet, the remnants of previous work, including the open web joists and ceiling height, presented a unique challenge. A single column remained. Yanover Construction, undeterred by this obstacle, was able to make exceptional use of the open space.

Beautiful trim work adorned the column, transforming it into a captivating design element. The back doors received a similar treatment, with carefully crafted trim adding dimension to the living space. Throughout the renovation, high-grade poplar was selected for the trim, ensuring both durability and a timeless aesthetic.

Custom cabinetry became the cornerstone of the kitchen’s design. Meticulously crafted, the cabinets and the accompanying cabinet bar showcased Yanover Construction’s commitment to excellence. Stone countertops, with matching backsplash, created a stunning visual.

A noteworthy departure from convention was the decision to install wood floors in the kitchen. This choice not only provided a seamless transition but also added warmth to the space.


Every bathroom in the Buckhead residence underwent a complete transformation, bearing the unmistakable stamp of Yanover Construction. The guest bathroom emerged with a frameless shower door, this renovation project elevated by the beauty of marble tile.

The crowning jewel of this Atlanta renovation project, however, was the master bathroom and its masterpiece of marble tile. Every surface, every detail, showcases a level of craftsmanship and quality that is the hallmark of Yanover Construction. In the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, this full renovation project has redefined luxury living. From the master shower’s transformation to the open-concept living spaces and the luxurious bathrooms, every aspect of this project reflects Yanover Construction’s unwavering commitment to quality.